Highmark Technologies Historical Timeline

1979 – ICON International formed by Michael Parrott

1980 – ICON Exhibits established to develop pre-manufactured exhibit products for the tradeshow, event and museum markets

1981 – ICON Exhibits begins designing and producing ExhibitPak, the first self-contained exhibit

1986 – ExZact introduced; a revolutionary modular exhibit panel system

1993 – ExZact patented

1996 – ExpoDeck, QuicDecx and FlexRail introduced; combined with ExZact to form the exhibit industry’s first fully integrated

1998 – Highmark Technologies established; an autonomous division of ICON Exhibits which provided the ExZact and ExpoDeck products to other exhibit design and production companies

1999 – ExTTreme seamless modular wall system was introduced

2002 – Introduced rentable deck solutions to the exhibit industry

2003 – Highmark Technologies segregated as a separate business unit

2004 – Began direct sales to supplement and augment distributor sales

2006 – Kontur introduced;an advanced structural system made of aluminum extrusions and designed for highly custom architectural applications

2010 – Highmark moved to 100 percent direct sales model, eliminating distributor sales

2012 – MAX introduced; a modular multi-wall frame system featuring maximum versatility and compatibility with other panel systems

2012 – New brand name, Highmark TechSystems launched

2014 – Highmark doubles its Fort Wayne facilities and names Deborah Parrott as president

2015/ 2016 Significant MAX-based accessories introduced – French Doors, Pocket Door, Curtain Wall, Shelving, Prizm Lightwall

Significant advancements in ExpoDeck introduced – Beam Hangers, Beam Extensions, New Higher Finish Deck Panel