How do you ship Highmark products?

We break down product components and ship them in segments that are easy to move, unpack, and repack.

Where are Highmark products manufactured?

Highmark products have always been 100% manufactured in the U.S., in Ft. Wayne, IN, a location which makes shipping across the country easy and cost-effective.

Can I use pieces of other systems that I have in inventory?

Absolutely! Highmark products work with other popular systems. Moreover, our products can incorporate traditional substrate in-fills like PVC and laminates, acrylic or fabric. Designers don’t have to worry about limitations.

Does Highmark sell directly to corporate exhibitors?

Never! Our clients are exhibit designers and producers. We don’t sell to the end exhibitor.

Will I have problems with codes at venues across the country when I use an ExpoDeck?

Highmark manufactures its products to be compliant with the latest IBC codes. We have an unmatched understanding of ADA regulations and follow the NFSA Life Safety Code book. All codes are local, and we are in regular contact with all U.S. convention venues.

Need more information or have additional questions?

Email or call to talk to one of our sales or engineering professionals. Our customer team is on hand to help.

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