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Super versatile. Super fast set-up.

SuperMAX. Highmark’s modular superstructure for exhibits, events, and environments. Sets up incredibly fast, it’s reusable, reconfigurable, and super versatile. Capable of long spans and supports a variety of finishes like fabric, acrylic, hard panels, internal lighting, and more.


Dominate the show floor with an incredible presence that doesn’t take an incredible budget.

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Team Player.

SuperMAX integrates perfectly with all of Highmark’s systems to add another level of presence and versatility to your designs. Stand-alone, or wrapped around ExpoDeck and MAX Wall, SuperMAX can be your most valuable player.


Go BIg

Designed to create large-scale, dominant structures to stand alone or in conjunction with other elements.


Designed with a single roto-lock per connection to maximize installation and dismantle efficiency.

Plug and play

Offered via pre-defined shapes/sizes – arches, towers, blade-walls, and more are all a part of the system capabilities and offering.


Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio makes ExpoDeck the strongest, safest, most efficient multi-level product on the planet.


70% Recycled aluminum and a deep rental inventory make ExpoDeck the most sustainable multi-level product on the market.

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