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Super versatile. Super fast set-up.

SuperMAX. Highmark’s modular superstructure for exhibits, events, and environments. Sets up incredibly fast, it’s reusable, reconfigurable, and super versatile. Capable of long spans and supports a variety of finishes like fabric, acrylic, hard panels, internal lighting, and more.


Dominate the show floor with an incredible presence that doesn’t take an incredible budget.

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Team Player.

SuperMAX integrates perfectly with all of Highmark’s systems to add another level of presence and versatility to your designs. Stand-alone, or wrapped around ExpoDeck and MAX Wall, SuperMAX can be your most valuable player.


Go BIg

Designed to create large-scale, dominant structures to stand alone or in conjunction with other elements.


Designed with a single roto-lock per connection to maximize installation and dismantle efficiency.

Plug and play

Offered via pre-defined shapes/sizes – arches, towers, blade-walls, and more are all a part of the system capabilities and offering.


Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio makes ExpoDeck the strongest, safest, most efficient multi-level product on the planet.


70% Recycled aluminum and a deep rental inventory make ExpoDeck the most sustainable multi-level product on the market.

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Frequently asked Questions

Supermax is a post and beam extrusion designed for quick setting large format structures like towers, canopies, or arches. The extrusion is 5.6”x5.6”x up to 24’ and offers a high strength-to-weight ratio.
SuperMAX is a 100% aluminum extrusion system that is offered with a clear anodized finish; however, SuperMAX can also be powder coated as a secondary operation.
SuperMAX is primarily designed for SEG fabric graphics. Traditional substrates can however also be applied to SuperMAX. SuperMAX is perfect for large monolithic fast setting fabric structures.
SuperMAX is a single extrusion that has a “system channel” on all faces of the extrusion that accepts a secondary SEG fabric slide-in extrusion, allowing the user to build large fabric structures in a fraction of the time of traditional stacked wall frame designs. Fabric can be applied to the vertical or horizontal faces of the structure. SuperMAX also accounts for outside and inside SEG fabric corner instances.
Yes, the SuperMAX extrusion is designed with the same geometry as MAX multi-wall, allowing for MAX multi-wall locks to be installed on SuperMAX to create conference rooms or partitions in and around SuperMAX structures.
Highmark clients are always free to procure their own fabric panels based on Highmark specifications or Highmark can provide fabric panels through their partner network.
SuperMAX is designed for a 24’ span with an upright at both ends.
There is one connection when two SuperMAX extrusions meet, it is a singular cam-lock that utilizes a standard 5/16” cam-key tool.
Yes, 3D models and design drawings are available for the Highmark rental inventory. Custom projects are available on a per project basis.
Yes, Highmark has secondary monitor mounts that can be attached to SuperMAX vertical or horizontal extrusions.
SuperMAX is packed on a 3.5’ wide rolling cart with foam blocking between SuperMAX extrusions.
SuperMAX is available for both new purchase and rental to Exhibit Builders/Designers and Event Agencies.
The SuperMAX extrusion weighs 4.6 lbs. per linear foot. Ex: A very common 18’ upright weighs 83 lbs.
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Still seeking structure – single story or double deck – for your outdoor or indoor MINEXPO ‘24 exhibit in September? Highmark has you covered! Contact us now for any size or shape structure to help your clients stand out at MINExpo. 

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