Structural Excellence for Exhibits and Events

Highmark is a leading supplier and developer of advanced modular exhibit systems architecture for exhibit designers & producers and event agencies. We manufacture and assemble our complete line in our Fort Wayne, Indiana plant, strategically located in the Midwest, to extend logistic and economic advantages to customers that include saving time and money when shipping throughout the United States. All Highmark products are available for purchase or rent, have a lifetime warranty, and meet or exceed industry-standard codes and requirements.

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Design Versatility

Known for design versatility, weight and installation efficiencies, and ease-of-use, Highmark’s proprietary products offer an array of modular, lightweight, and affordable solutions that can be customized to fit any indoor or outdoor event environment.


We don’t work directly with the end brand client. We work with agencies and exhibit designers & producers as a trusted partner and an extension of their team. As a result, our products are the structure behind the world’s best exhibits and events.


Innovative Products

Our innovative products are driven by the creativity of our agency and exhibit designer & producer customers who continue to inspire us with the concepts, experiences, and environments they create for their clients. We can’t wait to see how they inspire us next!

Our Team

Highmark’s talent consists of individuals with extensive experience in the events industry, product design, industrial engineering, and construction. We take pride in creating products made of the highest quality and delivering great service. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Facility