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Highmark was born out of an agency, and our experience with exhibits and events informs everything we do. All of our structural solutions and systems, every service we provide, and every process we implement is aimed at bringing value to our agency partners. Our team of recognized industry leaders has decades of experience in the same world as our customers, so we understand their challenges and needs more than most suppliers. We understand the every-day life at Exhibit and Events agencies and the pain points that come along with it.

We pride ourselves in offering best-in-class structural solutions and services that are developed to support and elevate the aesthetic representation of branded environments, while at the same time saving money on design, estimating, production, shipping, installation, dismantle, material handling and more. Our mission is to help all of our partners produce better events while saving money and improving profitability.

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Design Versatility

Known for design versatility, weight and installation efficiencies, and ease-of-use, Highmark’s proprietary products offer an array of modular, lightweight, and affordable solutions that can be customized to fit any indoor or outdoor event environment.

Innovative Structural Solutions

Every Highmark product is developed to deliver cost efficiency, clean aesthetics, and unrivaled structural strength and integrity. They are also developed to be reconfigurable, reusable, lightweight, and modular. Whether they are used on their own, or as the core structural backbone of a custom design, they bring all of the Highmark DNA to every project.
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Innovative Products

Our innovative products are driven by the creativity of our agency and exhibit designer & producer customers who continue to inspire us with the concepts, experiences, and environments they create for their clients. We can’t wait to see how they inspire us next!

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Highmark’s talent consists of individuals with extensive experience in the events industry, product design, industrial engineering, and construction. We take pride in creating products made of the highest quality and delivering great service.



MINExpo International


Still seeking structure – single story or double deck – for your outdoor or indoor MINEXPO ‘24 exhibit in September? Highmark has you covered! Contact us now for any size or shape structure to help your clients stand out at MINExpo. 

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