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Sustainability Statement

Highmark TechSystems is leading U.S.-based manufacturer of high-performance exhibit systems and structures for indoor and outdoor events. Our proprietary products are made in the U.S.A, fast, flexible and ‘designed for designers’ to last a lifetime of creative reuse. As a woman-owned business with an eye on sustainability, Highmark has designed proprietary products that have reduction, reusability, and recyclability built into their DNA.

Using aluminum profiles and steel components comprised of 80% recycled or reclaimed material, our products are highly sustainable. Special care is taken in reclaiming and reusing other items in the manufacturing process; machine coolants are reused, and acrylics and foam are recycled. Moreover, all Highmark products are available for rental (reuse) and designed on a grid (reduce) for reconfigurability.

Not only are Highmark exhibit systems a sustainable choice, they are also cost-effective and elegant and can be customized to meet the continually changing exhibition and event needs of end-customers – for indoor and outdoor applications such as trade shows, road shows, experiential activations, sporting events, corporate staging events, and more.

Our Midwest location provides both logistic and economic advantages that help save time and money when shipping throughout the United States. Highmark’s products are manufactured in our Fort Wayne, Indiana plant using highly responsible and efficient extruders and suppliers from across the Midwest.

Highmark TechSystems is proud to serve the eco-conscious exhibit designer and event marketer with world-class structural systems, outstanding customer service and planet-conscious solutions.

MINExpo International


Still seeking structure – single story or double deck – for your outdoor or indoor MINEXPO ‘24 exhibit in September? Highmark has you covered! Contact us now for any size or shape structure to help your clients stand out at MINExpo. 

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