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Single & Multi-story Architecture

Go UP, The Ultimate Outdoor Architecture

For decades, the only real option for outdoor event structures has been a tent. The world has been begging for something better, but there was no other viable option. Until now. Introducing EventMAX, the on-demand, premium architectural solution from Highmark Outdoor. EventMAX is perfect for VIP hospitality, outdoor tradeshows, showrooms, festivals, premium brand activations, and pop-up retail.
The AT&T Loft with the EventMAX at a sporting event
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Multi-Story Architecture

EventMAX multi-story structures can be enclosed and climate-controlled, both upstairs and down, or it can be used as an open-air structure on either floor. Walls can be opaque, clear, or branded with graphics. We can provide an open canopy or a completely enclosed roof structure. Standard ceilings include integrated LED lighting. Flooring and interior layouts/finishes can be customized.
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Single-Story Architecture

EventMAX is deployed in modules approximately 16’x 16’ and can be set up as a single unit, or you can expand it as large as you need in any direction. In some cases, a single-story building is the perfect fit – POP UP RETAIL

EventMAX features

Notches above tents and containers

EventMAX offers a truly elevated structure giving great brands a high-quality presence to be proud of and one their customers will

So many options

At every level, EventMAX offers options – fully or partially enclosed levels, LED-lit ceilings, canopies, and much more.

Single or Multi-Story

EventMAX’s scalability allows the same inventory to be deployed single or multi-story. Want to go 3-stories? Bring it on.


70% Recycled aluminum and
a deep rental inventory make
EventMAX a highly sustainable outdoor structure.

All weather & terrain

EventMAX is designed to work in all weather conditions & exist. securely on turf, concrete, asphalt, or even sand.

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