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Top 3 Advantages to Double Deck Exhibits

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Top 3 Advantages to Double Deck Exhibits

Gone are the days when a trade show booth was a simple ground-level space confined to standard dimensions. Today, exhibitors are embracing a modern strategy that defies convention.

Picture this: A booth that not only occupies the floor but ascends to a second level, transforming the way businesses showcase their products and services. Expanding the small dimensions on the floor and utilizing every square inch. Introducing: The double deck exhibit.

Double decks offer a three-dimensional experience that is sure to maximize space, enhance functionality, and create a standout presence.

1.   Double Decks Maximize Space

In the competitive trade show environment, you need to make every square foot count. Double deck exhibits offer an innovative solution.

A second level provides a space for meeting areas, product demonstration spaces, or lounge settings. This enhances the visitor experience and enables exhibitors to engage with potential clients. Plus, the ability to showcase products and services on different levels adds a dimension to the booth that makes it more visually appealing and functional.

The elevated deck platform provides a vantage point that attracts attention and ensures that your brand remains visible, even in crowded exhibition halls.

Maximizing space is not just about fitting more elements into your booth; it’s about creating an immersive and impactful environment that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

2.   Enhance Functionality With A Double Deck

Create a purposeful space at your booth with a double deck. The additional level can be strategically designed to serve specific purposes, catering to the diverse needs of exhibitors.

For example, the lower level may be dedicated to product displays and interactive demonstrations, while the upper level can house meeting rooms, VIP lounges, or hospitality areas.

This division of space allows for a seamless flow of activities within the booth, preventing congestion and ensuring a well-organized presentation of products and services. The versatility of double deck structures will enable your business to customize their exhibits based on their unique goals and requirements for each event.

3. Double Deck Structures Help You Stand Out

You need to capture attention in a crowded space at events. Double deck exhibits provide a distinctive visual appeal that naturally draws people to your space.

The multi-level design elevates your booth above the standard eye level, making it more likely to attract event goers.

Take your double deck a step further and showcase your brand with its logo and color scheme. Check out how Sleep Number used our ExpoDeck:

Sleep Number Double Deck

Wouldn’t you want to stop by and see what Sleep Number is all about?

You can customize your modular deck system with accessories that will make your brand environment impactful and memorable.

Visitors are naturally drawn to explore what lies beyond the standard booth layout, making double deck exhibits an effective tool for driving traffic to your space.

Highmark’s ExpoDeck

Our modular double deck system, the ExpoDeck, provides a strategic and functional advantage that will impact your success at trade shows and events.

By maximizing space, enhancing functionality, and creating a standout presence, double deck exhibits will help your business make a lasting impression in a competitive landscape.

Highmark’s ExpoDeck features include:

  • Space Maximizer: ExpoDeck offers instant additional sq/ft in a world that is priced on the ground floor space.
  • Strength-to-Weight: Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio makes ExpoDeck the strongest, safest, most efficient multi-level product on the planet.
  • Strong: ExpoDeck carries a 125lbs. per sqft. active load rating, which means safety and efficiency, whether small or massive in size.
  • Maximum Span: ExpoDeck can span up to 20’ in two directions allowing for open but independently standing structures.
  • Sustainability: 70% Recycled aluminum and a deep rental inventory make ExpoDeck the most sustainable multi-level product on the market.
  • Engineering: ExpoDeck comes standard with 3rd party engineering stamps to ensure the safest and best practices for a multi-level system.

The ExpoDeck can be custom built, or order a standard kit:

  • Custom Build: ExpoDeck is the number one choice of designers who want to create a compelling exhibit that is lightweight, easy to install, and environmentally responsible. Elegant, modular, multi-level ExpoDeck structures are endlessly expandable and reconfigurable. They are available with a variety of accessories and upgrades such as ceilings, lighting, railing, beam extenders, cross bracing and more. For some situations, purchasing a completely customized ExpoDeck makes sense: an aggressive show schedule, the need to capitalize the cost of an exhibit, or projected heavy use. A custom look can also be achieved through rental ExpoDecks when there is no budget allowance for a capital investment.
  • Standard Kits: These kits include everything for your ExpoDeck to be show ready and code compliant in short order and for the right price. While standardized, these structures can be easily skinned and accessorized to showcase unique branding and messaging and, ultimately, make a statement.

As the trade show industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative booth designs such as our ExpoDeck can set your brand apart and contribute to a more impactful and successful exhibition experience.

Send us a message to get your ExpoDeck today.

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