eco-friendly Temporary spaces

customizable & Modular office spaces

Create the ideal B2C or B2B space and experience with customizable structures as robust as a temporary multi-story building or as minimalist as an open-air pavilion and the list goes on.

our process

Send us your design or drawing, whether you have a full rendering or a simple napkin sketch. Based on your design and direction, we will assess the scope of the project.
Our design engineers will create plan and isometric views of your concept as if it were built using Highmark products and to send to you for approval.
Once you approve the budget and drawings, we begin production in our shop. Our in-house fabrication ensures specification accuracy and proper fit and finish.


common questions

Highmark products have always been 100% manufactured in the U.S., in Ft. Wayne, IN, a location which makes shipping across the country easy and cost-effective.

We break down product components and ship them in segments that are easy to move, unpack, and repack.

Absolutely! Highmark products work with other popular systems. Moreover, our products can incorporate traditional substrate in-fills like PVC and laminates, acrylic or fabric. Designers don’t have to worry about limitations.

Highmark manufactures its products to be compliant with the latest IBC codes. We have an unmatched understanding of ADA regulations and follow the NFSA Life Safety Code book. All codes are local, and we are in regular contact with all U.S. convention venues.

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Learn why Highmark is the leader in modular event structures, offering cost-effective design and construction versatility for any size event or exhibit.

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