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Highmark has developed a simple process for designers and project managers creating exhibits with our ExpoWalls and ExpoDecks.

Design Submission
Send us your design or drawing, whether you have a full rendering or a simple napkin sketch.
Design Review
Based on your design and direction, we will assess the scope of the project and a timetable; then, we’ll brief our design engineers, who will create initial drawings illustrating how Highmark products can be incorporated to fulfill your structural needs.
Custom Indoor Products
Process image
Digital Engineering
Our design engineers will create plan and isometric views of your concept as if it were built using Highmark products. We will send this to you for your initial approval.
Cost Estimate
After you approve the initial drawing, our sales professionals will provide an official cost estimate, an engineering drawing, and a weight and shipping estimate.
Estimating costs for customer
Building structures in shop
In-Shop Build
Once you approve the budget and drawings, we begin production in our shop. Our in-house fabrication ensures specification accuracy and proper fit and finish. Quality control from specification through production, packing, and ship-out is critical for all projects, especially for large complex custom builds. We can provide photos of your project in process, or you are welcome to visit us. Each project includes comprehensive set-up and certified drawings.
Packing + Shipping
Once the structure is built, and all specifications are verified, we dismantle and pack components into our efficient shipping segments. We can ship to your shop first for additional test fitting or direct to the show site.
Packing and Shipping progress
Highmark Installation completed
Our products have been developed with modularity and ease-of-installation in mind and require few tools. With our detailed set-up instructions and careful labeling and packing, set-ups of Highmark structures — walls and decks alike — tend to be fast and efficient. We have trained industry installation and dismantle (I & D)companies on our products and are happy to make I+D recommendations or send a Highmark representative upon request.

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