Our systems all work together as a team. Or as stand-alone solutions. They incorporate into custom construction and even play nicely with other systems. Want to offer your clients solutions with lower cost of ownership? Easier to reconfigure? Lighter weight to save on shipping, drayage and I&D? Using Highmark’s products in your design brings all of these benefits to your creation and your ultimate proposal to your client. It’s a win for all!



Highmark has a 20+ year history of developing products for the indoor trade show and events market. A mix of high service, deep support and readily available quality product inventory has made Highmark the market leader of double deck structures and more.

Systems Architecture

Highmark’s solutions are based on an exhibit systems approach — grounded in a defined grid that allows for extensive design freedom.

Design Neutral

Indoor products have a clean neutral aesthetic with no unnecessary angles, holes, or other elements to detract from the overall design.

Rental Inventory

A truly sustainable offering, all Highmark products are offered via rental with a deep inventory, allowing for wide-ranging budgets and turnaround times.


Minimal components and smart, strong connections are hallmarks of Highmark’s products, making them fast and safe to install.


Common Questions

Highmark is a privately woman owned, United States based, systems manufacturer of trade show and event products. Highmark has been in business for 25 years and prides itself on delivering strong, versatile, safe, and easy to use products for Exhibit Builders/Designers and Event Agencies by being best in class and easy to work with. via strong customer service and category expertise.
All Highmark products are available for a (35) day or rental. Some products are also available for new purchase with a few exceptions.
Highmark rents or sells only to Exhibit Builders/Designers and Event Agencies. Highmark does not sell or rent to the end-user/brand or exhibitors.

ExpoDeck: Multi-level double deck structural system designed for indoor use
MAX Multi-wall: Aluminum frame/wall system designed for indoor use
SuperMAX: Aluminum post/beam structural system designed for indoor use
EventMAX: Multi-level double deck structural system designed for outdoor use (rental only)
Modulbox: Mobile event structure designed for outdoor use (rental only)
Mobulbox MAX: Mobile event structure designed for outdoor use (rental only)
Mo5: Mobile event kiosk designed for outdoor use (rental only)
Accessories: Architectural and functional accessories for all products

All products are made in the USA with one exception (Modulbox by Highmark). All products ship from Ft Wayne, IN and Highmark is F.O.B. their dock so the client or Highmark can arrange freight. Highmark will work with the client on recommended transportation logistics, additional equipment, and final logistics.

RENTAL – 50% deposit due with order and approved credit. Balance due prior to shipment.

PURCHASE < $100,000.00 – 50% deposit due with order and approved credit. Balance due Net 30.

PURCHASE > $100,000.00 – 50% deposit due with order and approved credit. 40% due prior to shipping. Balance due Net 30.

Highmark prefers a full rendering or design drawing but can work with something as simple as a napkin sketch. Ideally, the rendering or design drawing of the booth or activation will have accurate overall dimensions. General information, like date, location, load-in, load-out, etc. Is also appreciated.
Highmark will deliver a formal official proposal with a design drawing created by Highmark designers’ indicative of the estimated products.
Highmark’s goal is to deliver a formal official proposal within (48) hours of an initial discussion about a project with the client. Design drawings can take more time based on current workload and project complexity.
A signature and initials acknowledging the payment terms are required. The official proposal is then entered as a new project. If the client is a new customer, a credit application needs to be completed before the order is entered.
Highmark will officially enter the order, distribute an internal sales order, and will send the client an official order confirmation with an order number via email. The order confirmation states all the pertinent information about the project and introduces the client to the Highmark support team; Project Management, AP/AR, and Logistics. This order confirmation email will be used throughout the project for Highmark team members to communicate with the client.

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