Max Multi-wall

The strongest, most versatile wall frame system available for purchase or rent

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Incredibly Fast. No Tools.

Do you really need to build all of your walls out of plywood? Or even custom metal? It’s OK. Go ahead and take advantage of us. We’ve already done the hard work. Include MAX Multi-Walls in your custom build recipe and bake all the tasty benefits right in. Faster. Lighter. Easier. Crazy-versatile. Delicious.

The wall of choice for limitless creativity and efficiency

Straight or curved. Vertical or horizontal. Stacked… or not. Clad with fabric, acrylic, or a traditional substrate. Internally lit as a single or double-sided light wall. Adapted as standard, pocket, or French doors. Available for purchase or rent. Highmark’s multi-wall frame and slide-in extrusions empower designers with ultimate freedom.
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An Un-Hole-y Wall System

Your DESIGN should talk to your audience. Your wall system should keep quiet (and listen). MAX Wall frames are clean, design-neutral, and give designers free rein for their creativity. Even when the MAX Multi-Wall frames are exposed, they won’t dominate your design. Nobody likes a system that won’t shut up. MAX Multi-Wall. The strong, silent type.

Max Multi-wall FEATURES


MAX Multi-wall can incorporate a variety of in-fills; traditional substrates, acrylics, fabrics, and more.

Time = Money

MAX’s tool-less design and simple connection methods saves time during installation and dismantling.


Extremely high strength-to-weight ratio saves on shipping and drayage costs and allows for large-scale designs and builds.


T-channels on all faces allow for multiple connections to other Highmark products or 3rd party elements.


70% Recycled aluminum and a deep rental inventory make MAX one of the most sustainable wall products on the market.

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