MAX Multi-Wall Accessories

Highmark’s Accessories Add Elegance and Functionality to Your Exhibit

Highmark’s accessories transform structures created from our ExpoDecks and MAX Walls into unforgettable branded environments that make a statement on the trade show floor. These architectural, structural and decorative enhancements include FlexRail, our unique handrail system; beam and column covers; ceilings; dimmable lighting; shelving; monitor mounts; and extrusions for large span fabric structures.


Prizm Lightwall:

our integrated lighting and diffusion system transforms MAX Wall into a clean fabric lightbox

Panel Retainers:

designed to accept a variety of substrates from acrylic to hard panels

Fabric Retainer:

easily adapts to accept SEG fabric

Pocket Door:

add a clean, stylish pocket door to any room

French Doors:

add a set of french doors for maximum traffic flow and style

Highmark's Accessories Bring Your Design to a New Level

Ask our experts about accessories for your project, and we'll help you decide what types of accessories work best to enhance your exhibit.

Customize your environment with any of our accessories 

With any combination of our add-ons, your Max Wall can be transformed into a fully functional space to showcase your business.
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Still seeking structure – single story or double deck – for your outdoor or indoor MINEXPO ‘24 exhibit in September? Highmark has you covered! Contact us now for any size or shape structure to help your clients stand out at MINExpo. 

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