ExpoDeck Accessories

Highmark's Accessories Add Elegance to Your Exhibit

Highmark’s accessories transform structures created from our ExpoDecks and ExpoWalls into unforgettable branded environments that make a statement on the trade show floor. Manufactured to enhance the total exhibit, these accessories include FlexRail, our unique handrail system that can be added to our staircases; beam covers; ceilings; lighting; and our Kontur® extrusions that provide elegance, strength and ease of us when connecting properties such as multi-level structures, lightweight kiosks, signage and other architectural elements. Our accessories are engineered to the highest design standards and install easily.
Custom Builds
Standard Kits


Our plug and play railing system created from a single aluminum extrusion.

Beam Covers

Designed to conceal extrusions and hardware, they slide or snap in place and an be fabricated to match your brand colors.

Ceiling Solutions

Our ceiling panel system can be installed by attaching a panel frame extrusion on three sides, sliding panels and cross braces into place, locking everything with the keystone extrusions.

Custom Extrusions

Custom Extrusions are an elegant solution used to connect properties such as multi-level structures, lightweight POP kiosks, signage and other elements, giving you the highest weight-to-strength ratio as well as the utmost span.


Lighting products that help create highly usable space under your ExpoDeck.

Highmark's Accessories Bring Your Design to a New Level

Ask our experts about accessories for your project, and we'll help you decide what types of accessories work best to enhance your exhibit.

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