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Custom Exhibits: Stand Out At Your Next Event

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Trade shows are crowded, and competition for attention is fierce. Your booth needs to be distinct and memorable to leave a lasting impression on attendees. Custom exhibits are a perfect solution in the quest for visibility and impact. Highmark offers a diverse range of customized structures that go beyond the ordinary display, allowing businesses to craft unique branded exhibits that won’t get lost in the crowd! 

Why Opt for Custom Exhibits?

With the ability to personalize every detail, from lighting to structural enhancements, customized event environments offer a myriad of benefits and solutions to elevate your brand’s presence at any show or expo.

1) Tailored for Every Occasion:

Highmark offers custom modular structures for both indoor and outdoor settings. Having the right display for your event’s environment is essential for catching eyes and retaining client attention. For decades, the only real option for outdoor event structures has been a tent. Highmark’s solution? EventMAX—the on-demand, premium architectural solution for outdoor shows. EventMAX is perfect for VIP hospitality, outdoor trade shows, showrooms, festivals, premium brand activations, and pop-up retail.

AT&T loft

2) Mobility for Maximum Impact:

Businesses are constantly on the move. The ability to take your brand to multiple events in short periods is invaluable. A custom structure by Highmark offers the flexibility and mobility needed for a dynamic event calendar. Portable event structures allow you to set up shop anywhere, ensuring your brand is visible to diverse audiences without compromising the uniqueness of your trade show booth.

NFL Hyundai Modulbox

3) Stand Out from the Crowd:

When you utilize custom trade show exhibits, you’re not just blending into the background of a sea of standard trade show displays —- you’re making a statement about your brand. Highmark’s structural enhancements, such as handrails, beam and column covers, ceilings, dimmable lighting, shelving, and monitor mounts, craft long-lasting, interactive trade show exhibits that catch eyes and create memorable experiences for visitors. Ensure customers walk away talking about your brand!

Integrate Accessories

Custom exhibition stands are canvases waiting to showcase your business’s personality. ExpoDeck is the number one choice of designers who want to create a compelling exhibit that is lightweight, easy to install, and environmentally responsible.

1) Branded Event Environments:

The ability to brand every inch of your exhibit creates a cohesive and immersive experience for attendees. Highmark’s accessories transform structures created from our ExpoDecks and MAX Walls into unforgettable environments that make a statement on the trade show floor. The Prizm lightwall, panel retainers, french doors, and fabric retainer are among several customizable features that businesses can utilize to professionally and aesthetically display their logo or message.

2) Foster Interactive Trade Show Exhibits:

Incorporating interactive elements into your customizable event displays adds a layer of engagement that traditional displays may lack. Monitor mounts and multi-story capabilities give passersby the chance to step into the world of your modular display, turning them into active viewers of your brand.

3) Create Eco-Friendly Event Solutions:

With sustainability becoming a key consideration for businesses, opting for eco-friendly custom structures is a wise choice. Highmark’s custom structures and accessories are crafted with a commitment to providing durable, reusable trade show booths in mind. Ensure that your brand can shine without contributing to unnecessary waste!

As the expo landscape continues to evolve, the adaptability and creativity offered by custom exhibits are key factors that will ensure ongoing success.

Contact Highmark for your next modular trade show booths.

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