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Why Choose Highmark For Your Outdoor Event Marketing?

Outdoor Event Marketing

Commercials. Billboards. Sponsored ads. Flyers. Can we ditch the hard sell and actually build connections with leads and customers? 

That’s what the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) is all about – and we’re thrilled to be a part of it this April 24-26, 2024.

Highmark is ready to showcase at EMS because we help you design a brand experience, not just a booth. We go beyond tents with structures that make your brand come to life. 

Choosing us for your outdoor brand activations is a smart move. Here are the top 3 reasons why.

1. Promote Your Brand.

Picture this: You walk into a modular structure, and you are suddenly transported from a bustling event into your very own brand. There are interactive displays, dimmable lighting features, multiple levels, and anything else you can imagine when you want to turn your brand into an environment. 

Whether it’s a pavilion, multi-level structure, or mobile unit – Our premium outdoor products draw attention, engage brand activation, and allow visitors to walk away with a positive impression.

Our fully customizable branded event environments allow you to show off your brand identity, from graphics and signage to layout and ambiance. 

The result? A positive brand experience that fosters trust and engagement. Highmark structures aren’t just functional, they’re conversation starters that far exceed the limitations of a plain old tent.

Promote your brand

2. Premium and High Quality

At Highmark, we’re all about building high-quality, premium structures that you can depend on.

Here’s the deal: safety is our top priority. Every product we make follows strict ADA and NFSA Life Safety Code guidelines. But safety shouldn’t come at the expense of functionality and aesthetics. 

We pride ourselves in offering best-in-class structural solutions (all made in the USA) that are developed to support and elevate the aesthetic representation of branded environments – While at the same time, helping you save money on designing, estimating, production, shipping, installation, dismantling, material handling, and more. 

Premium and high quality

3. Fully Customizable

We understand that every event and every brand is unique. That’s why Highmark offers a range of outdoor products to accommodate your specific needs. The best part? Every structure is fully customizable.

Attending a massive festival or conference? Our pavilions create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your brand to shine.  

Need a functional space for trade shows? Our multi-level structures provide dedicated areas for presentations, demos, and lead generation, all within your branded environment.  

Hitting some road shows? Our lightweight mobile products are easy to brand and transport. Plus, they keep the weather elements out making them perfect for temporary experiential activities and multi-location activations.

Our team of experts will collaborate with you to translate your brand vision into a reality. No vision is too big. We will make it happen.

Fully Customizable

Choose Highmark For Your Experiential Marketing

The Experiential Marketing Summit will be a whirlwind of innovative ideas. To recap, here’s why Highmark should be your partner:

  • We prioritize brand promotion and engagement. Our designs go beyond simple displays. We craft interactive experiences that get people talking about your brand.
  • We are outdoor event specialists. Our team has the expertise and resources to create premium exhibits that are high quality.
  • We bring your vision to life. We collaborate closely with you to understand your goals and translate them into a unique, custom outdoor exhibit.

Ready to ditch the traditional booth and create a brand experience like no other? Let’s chat! Contact Highmark today, or browse our premium outdoor products for your next experiential marketing event:

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