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The Flexibility of Mobile Exhibits for Events

Green Highmark Go Mobile promotion using the Modulbox exhibit

Did you know that 83% of marketers affirm that events are crucial for business growth? That’s why you need flexible, mobile exhibits that are easy to brand and transport.

Highmark TechSystems’ mobile products are the ideal solution for multi-city events, road shows, and any occasion requiring quick setup and teardown. With our Modulbox products, you can take your brand anywhere.

Quick and Easy Setup

Highmark’s outdoor mobile exhibits are premium, high-end, and attract attention. They are built specifically for quick setup and teardown, making them perfect for events with tight schedules. Imagine setting up a stunning mobile exhibit in just two hours, and then transporting it across the city for another event on the same day. This level of flexibility will maximize your event presence. 

Your Key Experiential Marketing Tool 

A mobile event structure is not just functional; it is versatile and designed to create memorable experiences. Whether you’re engaging in mobile tour marketing or need an easy-to-setup outdoor mobile event booth, these products offer both movability and experiential marketing potential. Plus, you can customize your exhibit to be interactive so that your audience is immersed in your brand. 

Mobile Marketing Made Easy

Here at Highmark, we have mobile exhibits built for various event needs: Modulbox, Modulbox MAX, and Mo5.

NFL Hyundai Modulbox

The Modulbox is a fully mobile booth designed for outdoor use, deployed on a standard trailer pulled by a full-size pickup truck. This 8’x8’x8’ cubic exhibition quickly opens up and transforms into a 256-square-foot open pavilion with brandable walls and a roof. Its compact size and easy setup make it an ideal portable vendor booth for events where speed and mobility are essential. 

Hyundai in 2019 uses the Modulbox in a roadshow

For those needing more space, the Modulbox MAX is the “big brother” of the Modulbox. Measuring 8’x15’x8’, it offers the same outdoor use, mobility, and ease of deployment as the smaller Modulbox but with added capacity. The Modulbox MAX is large enough to house an entire automobile under its roof! This extra space opens up even more possibilities for experiential marketing, allowing you to create an immersive brand experience for consumers. But don’t worry – the size of the exhibit does not compromise the ease of setup.


The Mo5 is a compact, fully mobile kiosk counter built for face-to-face marketing. This brandable promotional counter on wheels features a roof and storage space. When fully unfolded, it stands nearly 12’ tall, making it perfect for a tasting booth, information kiosk, or brand ambassador station. The Mo5’s design might be smaller, but it’s both functional and highly visible. 

Get A Mobile Booth Exhibit

Highmark’s portable event exhibits are designed to allow you to take your brand anywhere. Whether you are planning a road show, participating in multi-city events, or just need a quick turnaround for different locations, these mobile products are the best at providing the flexibility and high-end presence your brand deserves. 

Don’t be limited by your event setup. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you elevate your brand at your next event. 

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