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For decades, the only real option for outdoor event structures has been a tent. The world has been begging for something better, but there was no other viable option. Until now. Introducing EventMAX, the on-demand, premium architectural solution from Highmark Outdoor. EventMAX is perfect for VIP hospitality, outdoor tradeshows, showrooms, festivals, premium brand activations, and pop-up retail.
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EventMAX components can be used to create simple pavilions as well, using the same 16’x16’ architecture. A quick setting premium pavilion is perfect for food/beverage or experiential games or attendee activities. Although EventMAX is a premium architectural solution, set-up is simpler than comparable tent structures – post and beam construction without cranes.

Pavilion features

Something Different

Simple but effective structure that easily replaces small tents, elevating the brand with actual architecture.

Simple Installation

Pavilions are made up of very few components – columns, beams, scrim tops, and optional cladding.

Cost Effective

Pavilions offer the best “bang for your buck” to add structure to your next brand activation.

Design Neutral

Pavilions have a clean neutral aesthetic, offering structure that frames an activation without overpowering the design or experience.


70% Recycled aluminum and a deep rental inventory make EventMAX Pavilions a highly sustainable offering.

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Frequently asked Questions

EventMAX is a multi-level or single-level structure designed for outdoor use. EventMAX is extremely strong, safe, and fast setting. EventMAX can be reconfigured into multiple sizes via a 16’x16’ grid. EventMAX can be deployed as a multi-level deck structure, single-level structure, or even in pavilion configurations – all with the same inventory.

Any outdoor activations like; outdoor tradeshow, corporate hospitality, sponsorship activations, pop-up retail, consumer engagements, sporting events, press/media environments, employee training centers, etc.

EventMAX primarily consists of extruded aluminum. EventMAX also employs steel portal columns for the main support. These columns are power coated. The EventMAX staircase and upper guardrail are aluminum but are also powered coated. Beams are aluminum with a clear anodized finish. Upper and lower beam adapters are aluminum with a clear anodized finish. The staircase hand/guardrail has a vertical rail design and is powder coated. Deck panels are treated on both sides for the outdoor environment. The upper-level decking employs a rubber bladder and extrusion roof system that can be carpeted over.

EventMAX is a rental only product with multiple options per level; subfloors, walls, guardrails, LED lit ceilings, canopies, and much more.
EventMAX is designed to work in conjunction with WeatherMAX. WeatherMAX is a single aluminum extrusion wall system with a polycarbonate or ACM in-fill. WeatherMAX frames are used to encase the first and second levels of the structure. The Weather MAX frames have a solid connection with the EventMAX structure on both the top and bottom creating a weather resistant and safe structure.
Yes, EventMAX does incorporate an LED lit ceiling system on any level of the structure.
The EventMAX system has been designed to allow for HVAC to be provided by a third party.
Highmark has pricing assembled created for the multiple options per 16’x16’ module.
Yes, 3D models and design drawings are available for the Highmark rental inventory. Custom projects are available on a per project basis.
EventMAX is based on a 16’x16’ grid system with one staircase. Common sizes would be 16’x16’, 32’x16’, 48’x16’, 32’x32’, etc.
Yes, a third-party structural engineering reviews and stamps all Highmark ExpoDecks per project for wind loads and active live loads.
Highmark designs and builds to current International Building Codes (IBC).
EventMAX can be secured via 3’ stakes, threaded concrete anchors, or ballast. EventMAX is designed for outdoor use and often does not need staked or weighted.
The EventMAX product is certified with and active live load rating of 100 lbs. per square foot; however maximum occupancy is determined by the fire marshal in the events’ respective county. Fire marshals figure occupancy based on total square feet of the structure and number of egress (staircases); i.e. in the event of an emergency, how many people can safely descend the structure and evacuate the area. Areas of the country can vary in regulation, but definitive information can be found in the rules and regulations section of the association’s show manual. Generally, double deck structures with one staircase or less than 300 sqft. in total size have a maximum occupancy of 9 people.
Included is the entire deck structure; as well as documentation, crating, hardware, and tools. Working up from the ground floor; footplates, portal columns, beams, deck panels, beam adapters, WeatherMAX wall frames, upper moisture bladder, canopy system, upper guardrail, staircase, staircase hand/guardrail, all crating/skidding, certified structural and wind stamped drawings, setup drawings, and all the necessary hand-tools/hardware for installation/dismantle.
All columns, beams, beam adapters, and canopy beams are packed on steel skids, staircases are packed with hand/guardrail on one custom pallet per staircase, upper guardrail is packed on a custom pallet, deck panels are packed on a reinforced pallet, all documentation + tools/hardware are packed in a hardware crate.
Weight of course will vary by size, but a general estimate with shipping containers can be provided during the estimating process.
The Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) will install and dismantle Highmark EventMAX. Highmark will make recommendations to the client for a certified EAC group. Highmark will also have supervisors on hand to work with the client’s EAC.
Yes, installation and dismantle of EventMAX structures may require 4-stage forklifts and scissor lifts with certified operators depending on the EventMAX options selected.
Highmark can supply flooring through its partner network.

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