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Event Structures That Rock

EMS 2024

Event Structures That Rock

At the Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) 2024, we themed our event booth to “Event Structures That Rock.” We wanted our booth to be an experience, not just space on the show floor.

Our rock and roll theme pulsed through every element — LED walls pumping out energy, furniture that screamed “VIP comfort,” and a vibe that made everyone want to grab a metaphorical (or literal) microphone.

But here’s the thing – it wasn’t just about the rockin’ theme. We designed this space with functionality in mind, knowing it had to accommodate for presentations, networking, and tech integrations.

Eventgoers were laughing, sharing stories, and having a blast – all while getting a taste of what we can do here at Highmark TechSystems. And that’s the beauty of it all.

The Space

We had a 40×40 space to create an unforgettable experience and maximize our brand visibility. Not only did we utilize that space on the ground level, but we brought it vertical with a double deck exhibit

On the ground floor, you would find a stage, ample seating (including sofas, chairs, and barstools), a bar, and multiple LED screens.

Walk up the stairs, and you’ll find more seating for networking and presentation viewing.

The Functionality

We wouldn’t be maximizing the trade floor space without bringing functionality. Our exhibit booth facilitated interaction and engagement. Here are some clever features:

Flexible Presentation Space

The large LED wall and presentation area allowed for a variety of presentation styles. Presenters could choose from podiums, microphones, or a more casual setting to suit their needs.


Remote-powered speakers ensured clear audio throughout the space, even in the tucked-away lounge area. This allowed attendees to comfortably move around and still follow presentations.

The two large LED walls and strategically placed smaller screens throughout the booth offered content, presentations, or information. This allowed attendees to easily access information regardless of where they were standing in the booth.

Versatile Seating

A mix of high-top tables with stools near the presentation area offered a casual environment for quick conversations, while the plush sofas in the hidden lounge area provided a comfortable space for in-depth discussions or relaxation.

Versatile seating

The Details

A modular double deck is just parts and pieces without theming and branding. The true magic of the booth was in the details that brought the rockstar theme to life.

A rock and roll playlist complemented the velvet seating, crystal chandeliers, and fireplace.

The daughter of Vice President Brian Baker hand-painted the design for the largest modular wall in the exhibit (See the flame-and-skull themed “album cover” in the photo below).

Faux alligator skin disguised beam covers and zebra skin covered the floor, further cementing the rockstar mansion aesthetic.

Modular double deck design

Why Space, Functionality, and Details Matter For Event Structures

You could just build a booth and hand out business cards. But that won’t make your brand memorable. That’s why brand activations and experiential marketing matters. We know that Event Marketer attendees won’t soon forget rockin’ out with us.

Create your event structure that rocks. We’ll help you create an immersive experience that makes your brand stand out. Contact us to build your structure. 

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