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Rock Out With Experiential Marketing: EMS 2024

Experiential Marketing 2024

In the words of AC/DC, it’s a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll. But not with Highmark TechSystems… 

It only took us 8 hours to set up an epic double deck exhibit for the 2024 Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS).

With a rock n’ roll theme — including zebra skin rugs, velvet seating, and crystal chandeliers — Brian Baker of Highmark says, “We were party central.”

But the EMS wasn’t just a success because of a rockin’ theme. Building an experience for event goers would not have been possible without our partnerships — with Event Marketer, suppliers, presenters, and experiential marketing agencies.

Experiential Marketing Partnerships

Think about all of the components of putting on a rock show. You of course need the band, but so many important people set the band up for success. Lighting technicians. Sound engineers. Stage crew. Band managers. The band would not be a band without these people — much like our EMS event exhibit would not have come to life without our partners.

Event Marketer

Event Marketer organized the year’s biggest event – EMS 2024. We utilized our large 40×40 space in the Hall of Ideas, or the hub, of the event center — making us a central location for content and presentations.

EMS heavily promoted the event, which gave us the podium to put out an epic experience in front of the audience that they brought in. They programmed the event, and we executed an experience that no one will soon forget.

Event Suppliers

Let’s face it. We brought the double deck structure — but our suppliers helped bring the life of the activation. We couldn’t have pulled out our theming without their help.

  • Stamm Media – The heroes behind our audio and video setup.
  • Brumark – Because custom stage floors and luxurious carpet rock.
  • Exploring Graphics – Transformed our structure walls with fabric-printed graphics.
  • AFR Event Rentals – Who else could have provided furniture fit for a rock star?
  • Exhibit City News – There to capture it all for us.

Event Suppliers


Our structure wasn’t just for us here at Highmark. Presenters had a chance to have the floor, too. We worked with these presenters to provide whatever they needed — whether they wanted to click through a slideshow, stand at a podium or sit in a comfy chair, talk with a handheld mic or a lapel mic — we had them covered.

Their presentations drew people in — so much so that once the seating was full, people filed in on either side of the structure. Because our space was adaptable, the presenters were able to speak to anyone who wanted to join in.

Presenters at EMS 2024

Experiential Marketing Agencies

Our approach goes beyond heavy theming and details. It’s not just fancy structures. It’s taking it to the end result. 

Experientially and strategically, we know how to pull off brand activations for experiential marketing agencies. Brian Baker continues, “Experiential marketing agencies pull this off every day as unsung heroes for their end brands and for their clients.” After pulling off our own experiential activation at EMS, we get their world, and these agencies can trust us with their work.

Event Structures That Rock

So, next time you’re “Ridin’ down the highway, goin’ to a show,” remember: it’s not just about the band. It’s about the partnerships. And at Highmark TechSystems, we will partner with you to create event structures that rock. From the initial concept to the final curtain call, we know how to put together a well-executed activation.

Crank up the volume and rock out with us here at Highmark TechSystems. We’ll make your brand the star of the show. Contact us to start rockin’!

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