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17 Solutions and Strategies for Event Teams

17 ways to level up

Event Marketer and Highmark TechSystems recently sat down with some of the creative industry leaders at the Experiential Marketing Design Lab. These leaders included: Kevin Calabrese (Head of Experiential Design at AT&T), Caryn Mambro (Chief Creative Officer at Opus Agency), Megan Pulver (Executive Producer of the Riot Experience at Riot Games), and Mallory Schlossberg (Senior Creative of Google Cloud Go-To-Market at Google). What they had to share was absolutely incredible. This conversation included discussing timelines, and marketing pain points where AI has the ability to contribute to solutions. In this short brochure, we reveal the 17 solutions and strategies that event teams can take advantage of to take their creativity and production processes to another level.

“Creativity and innovation are the hallmarks of the experiential marketing industry but event teams are more challenged than ever to continue raising the bar with less. Indeed, less time, fewer resources and persistent logistical challenges seem to be the new norms when it comes to producing live events. This May, Event Marketer, with leading event structures partner Highmark TechSystems, sat down with a panel of creative industry leaders at the Experiential Marketing Summit Design Lab to talk timelines, pain points and how AI might help (or hinder) the production of events in the future. Here are 17 solutions and strategies that event teams can use to elevate their creativity—and their production processes.”


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