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Constructed & Deconstructed: Visit Highmark Techsystems at Exhibitor Live

Exhibitor Live

Highmark’s MAX multi-wall system featured in its fully constructed and deconstructed forms to showcase its stackability and versatility with fabric, acrylic, and hardwall finishes. Highmark will also unveil its new pocket door, double/French doors, lightwall, shelf standard and column cover, as well as a range of new smart packaging solutions for all products, profiles and tools.

Highmark TechSystems’ products are lightweight recyclable aluminum, and its double deck is the number one choice of designers and builders in the industry. Available for purchase or rental, Highmark’s proprietary systems have been developed as architectural tools for designers and efficient workhorses for project managers and production professionals in the exhibit and event industry.

“At EXHIBITORLIVE, we want to showcase not only our ExpoDecks, but also ExpoWalls with an emphasis on our MAX multi-wall which we’ve developed with a versatility, flexibility and strength that will serve the demands of exhibit designers and producers not just today but well into the future. That’s why we refer to MAX as ‘The Ultimate Future Proof Modular Wall System’,” said Debbie Parrott, president, Highmark TechSystems. “Because we do not sell to the end users but to designers and producers, we are especially looking forward to seeing all of our customers on Tuesday morning at the Strategic Partner Day.”

She continues, “There is a level of confusion in the industry when ‘modular’ is lumped in with extrusion systems. What we hope to show in our exhibit is how modular components help customize the shape and scale of your design. There aren’t lots of parts and pieces to assemble with our systems, which enables exhibit designers and builders to offer their customers exhibit architecture that is time and cost efficient in addition to being visually impressive. ”

Since its doors opened, Highmark TechSystems has manufactured all of its products in the US and Highmark TechSystems products have a lifetime warranty, meeting or exceeding all industry standard codes and requirements.

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