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Time Study – How Fast do YOUR Walls Set Up?

Max Wall Setup

We’ve always known MAX Multi-Wall was fast. REALLY fast. That was at the very core of its original development. It wasn’t enough to design the world’s most versatile, reconfigurable, design-friendly, customizable wall panel solution. It had to be the world’s FASTEST setting wall solution, too. Due to a recent moment at a presentation where I made some pretty bold statements about the speed of MAX and the type of cost-savings it could offer, we were challenged to prove it. So, we set up some lights and video cameras, and set out to see exactly how fast MAX really is. (Spoiler alert: it was a lot faster than I even thought.)

How long should a 10′ back wall take to set up? 30 minutes? 15 minutes?

How about ONE minute and thirty-seven seconds?

When you look at most companies’ trade show costs, it’s amazing how much of their budgets are devoured by installation and dismantling (I&D) labor expenses alone. Those costs erode their ability to afford things like a better booth design/build, immersive experiences, integrated marketing strategy, etc. But that’s OK, right? Most companies would prefer to have their marketing dollars spent on activities that don’t really affect their bottom line. Most companies enjoy lowering the effectiveness of their event marketing programs so they can pay more money in set-up labor costs… right?

It’s amazing how many ways that expenses like shipping costs (MAX is made from light-weight aluminum) and I&D labor can effect every other aspect of an event/trade show program. Designers need to consider all of the costs associated with the use of the properties they design. Those costs affect their client’s program budgets, so they directly affect how much money can be spent on architecture, technology, lighting, finishes, etc. Account teams understand this, too. It has a direct effect on other valuable services they can offer, like ROI measurement, event strategy proposals, experiential programs, etc. As a result, the impact of these costs limits everything that is developed, proposed, and executed. EVERYTHING becomes less than it could have been if labor costs are higher than necessary.

And this is where Highmark comes in. We know what drives costs and all of our solutions are specifically developed to lower those costs, while providing the most complete offering of design-friendly, premium solutions for exhibit and event architecture. MAX Multi-Wall is a perfect example of that. It’s lightweight, clean, design-neutral, crazy-versatile, and as these videos show, STUPID-FAST.

Here’s a 20′ back wall. Set up in 2:48.

OK, so back walls are pretty simple. What if we did some enclosed rooms, with doors and window-walls?

We set up this 10 x 12 conference room in 4:33 . We completed a 16 x 16 room in 7:49. Let me repeat that.  a 16 x 16 conference room, with a door… 64 linear feet… set and done… in less than eight freaking minutes. Think about a program where you have lots of walls, rooms, etc. The cost savings can be enormous. On a really big program, straight-up ridiculous.

NOW… what can YOU do with that extra money?

MAX Multi-Wall. The fastest, most versatile, most profitable wall solution on the planet.






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