Totally Mobile In and Outdoor Exhibits for your Brand

Hit the road with premium in- or outdoor mobile products for face-to-face marketing activities such as roadshows, sporting events, festivals, social media command centers, photo ops, etc. Modulbox products are easy to brand, transport, and they keep the elements out making them perfect for temporary experiential activities.


Modulbox – Instant Event Box

The Modulbox is a fully mobile booth engineered for outdoor use and deployed on a standard trailer pulled by a standard full-size pick-up truck. It is an 8’x8’x8’ cubic exhibition that opens up in the blink of an eye and can become up to a 256 sqft of open pavilion with brandable walls and roof.

Modulbox MAX – Big Brother

The Modulbox MAX is an 8’x15’x8’ rectangular “big brother” of Modulbox offering the same outdoor use, mobility, ease of deployment, and transportation method as the smaller Modulbox. The Modulbox MAX is large enough to house an entire automobile under the roof making it unique to other products in its category.


Mo5 – Small Footprint, Big Impact

Mo5 is a compact, fully mobile, kiosk counter built for outdoor use and face-to-face marketing. It is a brandable promotional counter on wheels with a roof and storage space. When fully unfolded, it stands nearly 12’ tall and is perfect for a tasting booth, information kiosk, or brand ambassador station.