Operation Highmark

Structural Solutions for Exhibits and Events

Highmark was established in 1998 by its parent company, ICON Exhibits and its sole shareholder, Michael Parrott, in response to the need from a key customer for specialty exhibit components. The market demand for light-weight, flexible exhibit components drove the formation of a separate division within ICON Exhibits. In 2006, Highmark Technologies, LLC was formed as a separate legal entity.

Highmark has a strong history of product innovation. Beginning in 1981 and continuing every few years, the Company has introduced new products that have had a significant impact on the industry. Exhibit products such as ExZact, ExpoDeck, QuicDecx, Kontur and the MAX multi-wall, offer superior design and flexible, light-weight, re-useable and easy-to-install features required by industry leaders.

Highmark has built on its reputation as an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of exhibit systems components. Beginning in 2010 Highmark moved toward a 100 percent direct sales model. In 2012 the Company launched its new corporate brand, Highmark TechSystems, brought all of its sales and marketing activity in-house, added sales personnel, and hired a vice president of operations. In 2014 Highmark moved into a new, expanded state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which doubled its square footage and added key equipment that positions the Company to continue to develop and produce, in-house, innovative structural solutions. The Company’s management succession was solidified in 2014 with the appointment of Deborah Parrott as its president.

Today, Highmark TechSystems has grown to a freestanding entity, respected for its superior products, its modular systems expertise, its culture of innovation and its excellent service.

Culture of Innovation and Excellence


Customer Inspired

Highmark’s products are driven by our customers’ creativity. When their customers ask for immersive and compelling environments quickly and cost effectively, agencies and exhibit producers rely on Highmark’s products for versatility, ease-of-use, efficient installation and long-term value.

Product Innovation

The Highmark engineering team has over 60 years of combined experience in new product development and innovation. Highmark’s product development committee has a continual flow of product improvements, innovations and ideas that can be rolled out to the marketplace. Highmark owns proprietary rights to numerous extrusions and systems and has been awarded patents for its products.


Strategic Location

Highmark’s products are manufactured and assembled in its FT Wayne, Indiana plant using extruders and suppliers from throughout North America. The Company’s Midwest location provides logistical as well as economic advantages, saving time and money when shipping properties throughout the United States. Highmark also employs a logistics staff to support its clients’ need for transportation and installation and dismantling services.

Operational Efficiencies

Highmark’s manufacturing operations are designed for efficiency, manufacturing excellence and quality control. Manufactured projects are quality checked at each stage from raw material inventory to machining, construction, staging, packing and loading.